The Survey

You’ve organized your event and it was a massive success. You’re feeling pleased with how you pulled things off but you still feel that there could be room for improvement. How do you take stock of your completed event so you can reevaluate it and find ways to make it even better next time? If you used Live2Event, that option is not a problem.

Simple, integrated and results driven approach

Live2Event is the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conference and there is a good reason why it is. It provides its users with an option called Survey. Powered by Live2Event, surveys help you get feedback on the topics that you covered, determine the overall satisfaction of your event and so much more. The best part? All of this is done in a simple, integrated and results driven approach. It’s simple.


Multiple choice option

Live2Event surveys offers a multiple-choice question option. In this option, you are able to set multiple-choice questions for the participants of the conference, which they will find easy to do. To begin the survey, they simply need to tap ‘Begin’ to start choosing their answers.


Open-ended question option

Attendees are even able to give their own answers if none of the pre-set answers are something that they identify with. There are also the optional open-ended questions feature which allows the attendees to enter free text responses. Participants will have to provide an answer before they can proceed to the next question, unless the questions are marked ‘Optional’, in which case they can just skip it if they do not wish to answer.


Confidential responses

With the help of the progress indicator, participants are easily able to track just how much of the questionnaire they have already completed to make it easier for them to see their progress. For added convenience, participants do not even need to be signed in to Live2Event in order to be able to complete the survey. All responses which have been submitted are also kept confidential.


Download results in PDF

With Live2Event, manually counting survey results are a thing of the past. All results will be automatically collated in PDF and excel formats, and all you have to do is to download it, save it and you’ll be able to refer to your data anytime you want for improvement on future events.

Interactivity and engagement at events has never been easier with the help of the best event management tool around – Live2Event. If you want the best interactive Q&A platform when it comes to organizing events and conferences, Live2Event is the only platform you need, and you’ll never want to work with another platform again.