The SecurityThe Security

When organizing an event, one of the areas that is going to need looking into is security. Working with Live2Event as your event and conference platform, security is no longer a problem with our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) feature.

Secure and fully encrypted

The SSL feature of Live2Event is a feature that when enabled, will allow your audience to sign into your event on our Live2Event website and rest assured that all communications and data between the audience and our services are fully encrypted.



Domain Validation

Live2Event uses the Domain Validation certificate for optimum security, and all connection with the Live2Event servers are encrypted with 128-bit encryption. You will know that you are now in a secure site. This same technology is also used by banks and online shopping websites that require security for credit card data transactions, so you know that you are in good hands with the best security measures in place.

Live2Event is one of the best interactive question and answer platforms for events and conferences in Singapore, one of the reasons behind this status being the high level of security that is in place with the protection of the users in mind. Live2Event also has local data encryption in addition to its SSL feature, and what the local data encryption does is that it encrypts all data that rests in the Live2Event servers with AES-256. When in combination with the SSL feature, all the data accumulated from the event will not be transmitted or stored in plaintext format.

For Live2Event accounts that come with a dedicated Account Manager, and the accounts which are on Live2Event’s elevated Enterprise support plan, the option of data deletion is available which allows you to remove all event-related data at any time of your choosing. Once the event and conference that you have organized is over and done with, you have the option of how long you would like the data to remain on your Live2Event account before attempting to delete it. Only the best in security options are what you get when you utilize Live2Event as your event and conference platform, one of the best event management tools available in Singapore.

When it comes to organizing events, especially ones done on a big scale and where a lot of things are transmitted online, event security is something that should be placed high on your priority list. You don’t want other users being able to easily access or view important information that could be sensitive as there is no telling what could happen information falls into the wrong hands.

Live2Event, the best interactive platform for events and conferences, will ensure that every aspect of your event is well taken care of from start to finish, and nothing is left to chance. So you know that you are always in good hands, only with Live2Event.