The Branding

Any successful company that has been around for a while will tell you to never underestimate the important of branding and the wonders it can work for your company. Branding done right, especially by incorporating Live2Event, one of the best event management tools in Singapore, at your company’s events can do wonders when it comes to building a brand’s perception among the audiences.


Why? Because Live2Event is synonymous with everything that has to do with digital, innovation, interactivity and engagement when it comes to organizing the perfect events and conferences. After all, Live2Event is known as the best interactive question and answer platform for events and conferences for a very good reason – because it is the best in the business.

Logo placements and color schemes

How exactly does Live2Event help with a company’s branding efforts you ask? Simple. Because Live2Event, in being the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences, aims to go beyond just logo placements and color schemes since branding is so much more than just that. Live2Event goes behind the scenes to work and adapt your company’s branding across the entire Live2Event interface so the result is a seamless and immersive experience like no other. With Live2Event, your branding won’t just look great at the events and conferences, but also on a wide range of smartphones, laptop devices, tablets, projection screens and anything else you can think of. Live2Event puts in a lot of hard work to ensure everything that goes into helping brand your company for these events and conferences are taken care of, all attention to detail is looked after and as a result, these efforts will come to be reflected in the quality and the polish of the implementation, resulting in a branding effort like you have never seen before.

Live2Event will work together with your company to ensure that the colors and the logo placements are adjusted based on your corporate branding guidelines for the event. When you choose to work with us at Live2Event, you will be assigned a dedicated Live2Event representative who will work tirelessly with you day and night to ensure that your branded theme matches the look and feel of your company in a seamless effort for the upcoming event or conference you plan to organize.

As a company, you are able to incorporate your branding right from the beginning when your attendees enter the passcode for the event using the Live2Event application. If you think you would like to optionally customize the web address for your event, you are able to do so with Live2Event by simply utilizing our application to get it done. The Live2Event app makes everything you need easily accessible with just the push of a few buttons.

Live2Event, the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences in Singapore, makes it easy to enable interactivity and the highest level of engagements possible at your events. Make your event or conference one to remember, only with Live2Event.