The Audience PollThe Audience Poll

You’re at your event and your conference is going on. Then it comes time for the question and answer portion of the conference. During these Q&A sessions, do you – as an audience member or speaker – wish that there were multiple choice questions you could ask? For that to be made possible, you would need to have the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences at your disposal. A platform like Live2Event.

Live2Event is known as one of the best event management tools around. Polls which are powered by Live2Event allow the multiple choice question feature to become a reality at conferences, and both speakers and audience can experience this in an amazing, highly interactive manner like no other.

Receive real-time feedback

The results of the Q&A session can easily be projected live on stage thanks to Live2Event, even as the votes are being cast. With Live2Event, attendees of the conference can create a poll in advance and receive real-time feedback from the floor. The options of viewing results can either be instantaneous of kept private to be viewed later on, because Live2Event provides that kind of flexibility.

Results of the polls can be viewed in beautiful, real-time charts for easy viewing. And the best part about all of this is? No additional hardware is required! Live2Event is simple, quick and easy to use, and it’s fun at the same time, so easy to use that your audience does not need any special voting devices to cast a vote. A simple tap of a button on their smartphones is all the audience needs to participate in the poll.

Another reason Live2Event is the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences is because users of the app can easily compare and contrast results by enabling the option which lets them change their vote. A feature that has proven to be highly useful when it comes to debates.

The changes happen in real-time too as the audience changes their mind about the vote. Live2Event has also gone the extra mile of including the option of more than one vote per user, which is useful to encourage voting competitions where the audience members can have more than one vote per person. And if after the event is over you think you would like to have the data to refer to? Not a problem with Live2Event’s download data feature which allows users to export poll results.

It is easy to enable interactivity and engagement at your events, with the help of Live2Event, the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences.