The Agenda

How would you like to be able to allow your attendees to browse the interactive sessions that have been lined up for the conference day at one glance? With Live2Event, you are able to do just that, just another one of Live2Event’s features that make it the best interactive Q&A platform at events and conferences.


With Live2Event’s Agenda feature, attendees of the even simply have to log into Live2Event and all the interactive sessions of the day will be made available to them at one glace. During the setup process, if you are the organizer of the event, you would need to customize the title and the description according to your preference. Be sure to write the labels of Title and Description clearly so that your attendees will be able to easily navigate and access the Q&A, poll and survey sessions quickly and easily during the event. This feature is the perfect solution for the multi-track conference with breakout sessions.

With the Agenda feature on Live2Event, the sessions will begin automatically according to the scheduled times, and all sessions are arranged in order of the scheduled start times. During the setup process, you as the organizer will be able to determine the start times of the Q&A, polls and survey portions of your conference session, and then rest assured that these sessions will begin exactly on time like they are supposed to.


The Agenda feature also allows for flexibility to either show or hide the sessions. For example, the organizer is able to hide a specific session at first, and then show it later on at a time of their choosing. This helps to keep the interactive sessions relevant to the contents of the conference. It also helps to inject an element of suspense that keeps the crowd energized after a good coffee break.

As usual, Live2Event goes the extra mile with its Agenda feature (no wonder it is the best interactive Q&A platform at events and conferences) by adding nesting polls and surveys. If you have polls or surveys for a specific speaker or plenary discussion for example, you are able to nest them within the Q&A, which will allow your attendees to directly access these polls and surveys within a Q&A without having to pop in and out of the Agenda. This also makes the Agenda feature neater and easier to navigate for the attendees.

Adding on speaker profiles to your session, along with the profile pictures and biography of the speakers will be a nice touch, which is made possible with Live2Event. You are even able to define the speakers as moderators in a panel discussion and that will show up accordingly in the session agenda. Nothing but the best in interactive Q&A platform at events and conferences, only with Live2Event, the best in event management tools.