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Sponsorship is one of the fastest growing marketing tools available. When used correctly, sponsorship can do wonders when it comes to broadening a company’s competitive advantage as well as increasing the company’s credibility, image and prestige for the events that it sponsors in hopes of attracting its target market.

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Sponsorship, simply put, is the financial or in-kind support of an activity and it is used as a primary way of reaching specific business goals. Not to be confused with advertising, sponsorship is more of a qualitative medium that helps to promote a company in association with a specific activity that it has chosen to sponsor. Sponsorship is an effective tool because it allows companies to reach their targeted niche markets, and offers companies the possibility of achieving several business goals all at once.

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Example: How Event Sponsors appear in Live2Event

As a sponsor, you would want people to know as much about your company as possible and the services that it offers. Especially when you have forked out a lot of money funding a certain event or program. It would be considered a waste, wouldn’t it, if you went through all that trouble and no one knew about your company at the end of the day.

Which is exactly why if you are a sponsor, you are going to want to work with Live2Event. Live2Event is the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences in Singapore, dramatically changing the way events have been conducted. Events and conferences are not better than ever, thanks to the seamless technology offered by Live2Event, which gives both planners and event participants the opportunity to grow and revisit the underlying ideas about how events work and what it takes to make them successful.

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Live2Event doesn’t just make things easy for event organizers and attendees, but even sponsors stand to reap the benefits of this interactive platform.

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With Live2Event, sponsorship information is easily displayed on the website, and sponsors can easily input the information they would like on the ads at the bottom of the page.

This feature is highly beneficial for sponsors and ideal for use at events and conferences, especially when there are many sponsors involved because it helps the sponsors generate more of an income from their event. Sponsors can get their name out there and generate more of an awareness about their company with all those who are present at the event.

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