Secure Login

Are you concerned about security each time you visit a website? Especially when you have to key in personal details about yourself if registration is required. You’re right to be concerned, because the with the rampant issues and security breaches by hackers, the internet is sometimes not the safest place to upload personal information.

However, when it comes to Live2Event’s webpage, security is not a concern because of all the security measures that have been put in place. One of these security features involves a CAPTCHA.


CaptchaWhat Is A CAPTCHA?

A CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA tests are a very common occurrence on many websites today as a security measure to authenticate that you are in fact a human that is trying to access a website and not, let’s say, a malware of some sort for example.

The CAPTCHA test commonly works by distorting the letters or numbers into a form of some sort, and you would then have to manually type out the correct series and/or numbers into the box provided if you want to gain access to the website. The letters or numbers you type out must match the distorted ones in the CAPTCHA test provided.

The primary function of the CAPTCHA test is to help identify which users are real human beings, and which are merely computer programs. An interesting thing to note is these CAPTCHA tests are included as part of a website’s security system because for a machine or computer program to bypass and breach these tests, someone would have to find a way to teach these computers or machines how to solve the test in the first place.


Why the CAPTCHA System Is a Must-Have for Every Website

Think of the CAPTCHA test as a gatekeeper that controls the entry into your websites, and a means to spammers at bay. The CAPTCHA system only makes use of letters and images specifically in its tests, and nothing more, for one simple reason – images are harder to interpret. A human will still be able to read the randomly generated and distorted text presented, while a computer system or program which is trying to capture a picture will not be able to do so.

Because the CAPTCHA system is able to distinguish between humans and an automated computer program, it offers the security benefits listed below:

  • It Protects Your Email Accounts – CAPTCHA tests help stop your email accounts from being overtaken by hackers and other malicious online users.
  • Protects Your Website Registration Forms – CAPTCHA’s are enforced to protect the registration process on websites. This is the best way to ensure that the registrations forms are being filled up by humans and not bots or programs.
  • It Protects Websites from Spammers – Spammers can be a nuisance in the virtual world, which is why you want to keep them out of your website and stop them from leaving hundreds of irrelevant comments on your posts. Enforcing the CAPTCHA will guarantee that only humans will be able to leave comments.