Live2Event Question & Answer (Q&A) – Because It Matters

Anyone who has organized an event will tell you that planning events is a demanding job not to be taken lightly. Every detail needs to be planned and executed to perfection if the event is to go off as smoothly as possible with no hiccups along the way. And one of the most important parts of an event? The question and answer portion. The question and answer segment of any event is quite possibly the most interactive portion of the whole thing because it’s when the path of communication between both speaker and audience is finally open.

Question and Answer

Your audience matters

Why is the Q&A part of the event so important? And why is it even more important that there be an excellent and seamless platform available for this to take place?

For one simple reason. Because questions matter as much as the answers do. Your audience matters. Questions help to unlock a wealth of knowledge for all involved, and trigger thoughts and ideas, get the creative juices flowing and get conversations started between otherwise complete strangers.

Engages and empowers your audience

In comes Live2Event’s Q&A platform, which has proven many times over to be the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences because Live2Event engages and empowers everyone in the audience the way no other platform has ever been able to do before. Live2Event is setup in such a way it encourages the audience to comfortable ask their questions and add weight to the questions that matter.

Audience members will be able to easily post questions to speakers, and they can do so anonymously if they wish using Live2Event’s platform. Questions which have been posted will be able to be voted on by other members of the audience, which easily helps the speakers in return, better identify which are the popular questions or which topics they should be focusing more on during the discussion.

Live display of questions

If the attendees of the conference feel the need to focus the discussion at hand on more specific topics or ensure the quality of the questions posted, they are able to do that. With Live2Event, the top 9 questions will be projected on a live display and as attendees vote on the questions, the question get re-sorted in real time. When the speaker or moderator addresses a question, the question is shown as a speech bubble to shift everyone’s focus on the discussion.

Select questions to answer

Speakers and moderators too have a purposefully designed interface which is touch-optimized for them to see the questions as they arrive. This empowers them to be able to select the questions to answer which will be automatically reflected on the projector panel. See why Live2Event is one of the best event management tools?

Data exported to PDF or Excel Formats

Live2Event understands the importance of a perfectly planned event which is why their app has been designed to work with the user right from the beginning and all the way to the end while sharing valuable advice, information and providing support where the user needs it most. And after a successful and engaging Q&A session, all the data can be exported in PDF and Excel formats, making it perfect for sharing with any team. Live2Event, the best interactive Q&A platform for events and conferences.