Setting up your event in our platform


Setting up your first event

  1. Sign in to your Live2Event account
  2. Mouseover to your first event (a blank event has been auto-generated for you) and click “Load”

Load your event

Navigating your dashboard

Your event dashboard is both desktop and mobile friendly, it can be accessed on any devices. On your dashboard, you may navigate through the side menu on the left to customise your event. For account related settings, you may navigate on the top bar menu at the right.

You may also access to your audience web app, admin panel and projector panel directly in the main overview page of your dashboard. Alternatively, you may access it via the “Run” menu on the left.

Live2Event Dashboard

Left Menu

  • Overview – Overview page that has access to audience web app, admin and projector panel
  • Setup – Edit event details
  • Speakers – Add speakers profile
  • Attendees – View attendees
  • Run –  Run the event in audience/admin/moderator/projector panels
  • Insights – View event insights
  • Advanced – View advanced settings
  • Branding – Upload company logo and banner
  • Promotion Ad – Upload Ad banners

Top Right Menu

  • All Events – View all events
  • Profile – Edit your profile, company details, mailing and billing addresses
  • Purchase – Purchase additional event
  • Account – Change your password and view billing details
  • Logout – Log out of your dashboard


Your event details and passcode

Navigate to “Setup” menu on the left and click “About”. You may begin to key in your event details and set an unique passcode for your audience to access the event web app. You can randomly generate a passcode by clicking on “Random” next to the event passcode field. You may also customise a suitable and relevant passcode for your event by keying in your desired passcode.

Do note that an event passcode can only consist of letters and numbers not exceeding a maximum of 10 characters. Passcode has to be unique and cannot be reused unless an event has ended or removed.

Live2Event About Page



Navigate to “Setup” menu on the left and click “Agenda”. Add sessions to your agenda by clicking on the “Add Session” button. Choose your session types (Q&A, polls, survey, break, regular, image with url) and input the details of your session. Learn more about session types here

Add Session in Live2Event



Navigate to “Setup” menu on the left and click “Sponsor”. Showcase your event sponsors by adding sponsor(s) to your event. Click “Add Sponsor” button and key in the details. When completed, click “New Sponsor” to save.

Upload a new sponsor

Twitter Hashtag

Navigate to “Setup” menu on the left and click “Twitter Hashtag”. Input the twitter hashtag (if any) and click “New Hashtag” to save.

Twitter Hashtag