Session Types

You may choose an interactive or non-interactive session types for your event. Navigate to “Setup” menu on the left and click “Agenda”, choose a session type and input the details of your session.

Session Types

Interactive Session


Get audiences to ask a question live on your event. Speaker can choose from the questions to answer. Audiences are also able to comment and vote (‘like’) on the questions.

To setup your Q&A session, choose Q&A box and enter the details (description, time, speaker, etc) accordingly before saving it.

Q&A Session Details
You may choose to allow audiences to vote after the activation time of the Q&A session has ended by checking on the “Allow voting after activate time ended”.

Select the boxes accordingly for audiences to comment before or after (or both) a Q&A question has been answered.

Allow or disallow anonymous responses. When unchecked, audiences will have to leave their name when commenting.


Do a live poll on your event. Get audiences to cast their vote, get immediate results.

To setup a poll, choose the poll box and enter the details of the poll session. Allow multiple choice poll or get audiences to submit their own answers. You can also choose your preferred chart type that will be displayed on the projector panel for audiences during the event.
Poll Session

Limit the number of votes per user. The number of votes available will increase with the number of answer options. You may also allow comments by checking on the “Comments” box.


Get feedback from audiences for your event.

Key in your survey settings. Tick the checked box under ‘options’ to allow anonymous responses.

Survey Session

To add question, click on the ‘Add Question’ button. Key in the questions accordingly. Choose your preferred settings for your questions such as ‘optional question’, ‘allow optional comments’, include ‘others’ option in answer or the ability to select more than 1 answer.

Add Questions in Survey Session

Non-interactive Session


Add a non-interactive textual session for your event in the agenda. Example: Registration, opening note, closing speech.


Used for meals in between sessions, such as tea break, toilet break, cocktail or networking session. You may choose the icon that corresponds to your break session accordingly or select ‘No icon’.Break Session

Image with URL

Add image to a session when required. Create an image with hyperlink to direct your audiences to a website. You may upload your own image. Example: Use a ‘download presentation’ image and add a hyperlink to direct users to the link and download the presentation slides. Learn More on Downloading Speaker’s Slides

Image with URL session
Under ‘Nesting’, select the session that you would like to add the ‘image with url’ to.


Nesting refers to the session where it (image with url, poll, survey) will appear within that chosen session. For example, you may nest a poll under a speaker’s session which will be used/presented by the speaker only. You may nest a image with url that allows audiences to download the presentation slides under a speaker’s session.

Order of Sessions

The order of sessions are defined by the start time and end time of the sessions in the agenda. You will not be allowed to manually drag and sort the sessions. It is recommended for your agenda to follow the flow of your event.

Display Date/Time and Activation Date/Time

Display date/time is used to indicate the start and end time of the session in the event. Activate date/time is used to indicate the time where the session is ‘open’ for audiences to either vote in a poll, do a survey or start to ask questions/commenting. Each interactive sessions has its own display and activate date/time.

Display Time and Activate Time

For example: The actual Q&A session for speaker 1 starts on 01 November 2017, 11.00AM (Display Date/Time) and ends at 01 November 2017, 12.00PM (Display Time). You can allow audiences to start asking questions and commenting an hour earlier or even the day before by selecting the Activate Start Date/Time at 31 October 2017, 10.30AM and Activate End Date/Time at 01 November 2017, 12.30PM.