Run Mode: Using Admin, Moderator and Projector Panels

Run your event with admin, moderator and projector panels by logging in to your dashboard and click on “Run” on the left menu.

Run Panels in Live2Event

Audience Web App

Audience web app is a display of how your audience will view your event. Click “Open” on the Audience Web App row to view your event.

How do audience access to my event?

Your audience may go to and key the event passcode to access the event.

Alternatively, you can also provide them with your direct event url to access. (Example:

Projector Panel

Projector panel is a display of how your audience will view your event on the projector screen. Things that are shown on the projector panel will be projected to the screen.

Click ‘Open’ on the projector panel row to manage your projector panel.

In the projector panel, select a session to load.

Run Projector Panel

The projector panel runs with the moderator panel. The moderator can choose what to be displayed on the projector panel by activating the respective session.

Moderator Panel

The moderator panel is used by the speaker/moderator to control the questions to be displayed on the projector panel.

Click ‘Open’ on the moderator panel row to control your moderator panel.

In the moderator panel, select a session to load.

Activate Session

When a Q&A session is selected, the default view for the projector panel will be an overview of all approved questions by the admin.

Projector Panel Default View

To display the session in the projector screen, click on the “Activate” button on the top right.

Activate Session

Active Question

To show a question on the projector screen, the speaker/moderator will have to click on the “Active” icon (a projector screen icon) in the question box.

When clicked, the projector screen will display the question immediately.

On the moderator panel for active question:

Projector Panel Active Question

On the projector panel:

Projector for Active Question

Answered Question

After a question is being answered, speaker/moderator can click on the “Answered” icon (a speech bubble with a tick icon). All answered questions will not be shown on the projector screen.

Hide/Show Question

Speaker/Moderator can choose to hide or show a question displayed in the projector panel. All questions are shown by default. To hide a question, click on the ‘Hide’ icon (an eye icon). Hidden question will not appear on the projector screen.


Audiences are able to leave their comments for each question (if allowed). If the comment is inappropriate, speaker/moderator has the ability to delete the comment by clicking on the ‘Comment’ icon (speech bubble icon), followed by the delete (“x”) icon.

Delete Comment

Switching to the Next Session

Once a session is over, you may switch the moderator panel to the next session.

To do so, click on the top right corner and click on the next session.


Again, click on the ‘Activate’ button on the top right in order to display the new session in the projector screen.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is used by the administrator/organiser of the event to filter incoming questions in the Q&A session. The admin is able to approve or block questions before it even gets to the moderator panel and the projector panel.

Filtering of questions are required to prevent any spams and inappropriate questions asked. It is an useful tool to only display relevant questions on screen to the audience.

To review questions, click ‘Open’ on the admin panel row to manage your admin panel.

Select a session to load.

Admin will receive a notification when a new question comes in.

New pending question

Click to show new questions. Review and approve or block question.

Questions Awaiting Approval

To edit the question, click on “edit” icon.

Edit Question

Admin are able to send a message to moderator/speaker in the admin panel. For instance, to inform them of the time restriction for their session, a change in event details or any other event related messages.

To send a message, click on the “Message Moderator” button on the right. Type your message and click “Send”Message Moderator

Moderator/speaker will then receive a pop-out notification on their moderator panel.

Message from admin