How to Use your Free License for Multiple Events

You are entitled to 1 free event license for a lifetime that allows multiple usage.

To use your free license for multiple events, sign in to your account.

In your dashboard, mouse-over to the event box and click on ‘Reset’ to reset your old event.

Load your event
Clicking on ‘Reset’ allows you to re-create a new event using the free license. Thus, all event information for the previous event will be deleted.

You are advise to export event insights and all event related information out before doing a reset as data for the previous event will be lost.

Only 1 event can be used for the free event license at any one time. Not applicable for same day events that run on the same day.

Best suited for events that fall on different month or week to ensure sufficient time for event setup on the platform.

If you have 2 events running on the same day, it is recommended to purchase an additional event license.

To confirm resetting your event, click on ‘Reset’ button in the ‘confirm reset’ pop-out box.

Confirm Reset Event
After confirming on the reset, your event information will be set to default/blank. You may proceed to set up your event once again. Learn how