How to Delete and Re-create Event (For Paid License)

You are able to delete an event and re-create a new one for paid license.

You are unable to delete an event for free license. However, you are allowed to ‘Reset’ the event to re-create a new one. Learn how

Deleting an event

To delete event, sign in to your dashboard. Place your cursor on the box of the event that you wish to delete.

Click on ‘Delete’ button.

How to Delete Event

Confirm deletion of event by clicking on ‘Delete’ button. Note: All event data for the event will be lost after deletion.

Confirm delete of event

Creating a new event

If you have purchased the event license, you are able create a new event after deleting an event within the 1 year validity period
(from the time you purchase your event license)

Sign in to your dashboard.

Click on ‘Create a New Event’.

Create a New Event

Next, key in your event details in the event setup page.

New Event Setup

Click ‘SAVE’ to save the new event.

Learn more about setting up your event in our platform