Event Insights

It is a truth everyone agreed that knowledge is power. For an event organizer, the event’s insight about your event attendees, be it their behaviour or their preferences or their backgrounds, is definitely one important piece of knowledge that helps organiser to deliver best service and result to the attendees. It is because knowing your attendees will help you to get a better direction for marketing and create objectives, which will, in turn, help to increase revenue and sales. In other words, event insight is the knowledge you gained from your event that helps you to understand your attendees (intended customers).

Event Insights

To hack this, you need to know where and how to get the information as well as how to use the information. Here is a quick rundown on the basics of the basics.

What is Event Insight?

Event insight is the data collected from the event. As the name implies, event insight is the data that helps us to measure success by analysing things like engagement, attendance, and feedback from the attendees. We will be able to make improvements, create (marketing) goals, and map out content and activities for our next event with the help of the data. On top of that, the data helps us to profile attendees effectively so that we can come out with the personalised marketing campaigns, which will, in turn, generate leads or revenue for the organisations we work for.

How Can Event Insights Help You and Your Business?

  1. Market Your Event Effectively

One of the golden rules of marketing is to know your customers. The same rule applies when you understand the attendees in an event because that allows you to focus your efforts on the areas that can maximize your results. In fact, the insight is particularly useful in determining the target industries to expend more of your marketing efforts in that targeted field and figure out how to attract or appeal to target audience.

  1. Measure Attendee Satisfaction

Attendee satisfaction is definitely another crucial aspect of the success of any event or conference. It is because attendee satisfaction can help you to have a clearer picture of your achievements and weaknesses. As such, it is very important for every event organiser to be able to identify what they are doing and things that need improvement. In fact, a well-planned event with good attendee engagement will be able to boost the engagement rate of the event as well as the positive opinion from the audience.

How to View Event Insight?

Event Insights Export FormatA well-done report with detailed analytics has its positive impact on your event planning. You will be able to decide event activities, profile your audience effectively, and stay informed of the attendee satisfaction.

Event insights and data (including all Q&A and poll session) can be viewed in an exportable PDF document, while survey and audience details can be viewed in an exportable PDF and excel format.