Event Information

Have you ever attended an event and sometimes felt a bit lost? Because you don’t necessarily have access to detailed information that could prove to be helpful or crucial? Or maybe you were unsure of exactly what the event agenda is going to be and you only find out while you are attending the event. Do you believe it would have been better to have all the information on hand before you walked into the event arena?

Event Information

The convenience of easily being connected online

Live2Event understands the need for events to be handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and for an event to be considered a major success, everyone – including attendees and organizers – should be aware of what is going on throughout the entire event from start to finish. Why? Because when you know what’s going on, you’re able to better understand what is being presented to you and thus, you’re able to better engage and ask the right questions during the event so everyone walks away more informed and feeling satisfied.

Taking advantage of modern technology and the convenience of easily being connected online no matter where in the world we may be, Live2Event aims to change the way events are handled and organized, providing better and more effective events all around. Live2Event’s main aim is to provide a web platform which allows seamless interaction between the organizers and the audience, facilitating events in a hassle free manner, and one of those ways is by providing all involved with the important event information that is needed as well as the agenda of the event in question.


Users of Live2Event will get to see the event information displayed for their convenience, so it makes it easy to keep tabs on what is going to be taking place at the event. Live2Event also provides a special section where users are easily able to view the agenda portion of the event, which makes it convenient for everyone involved to know exactly what is taking place on that day.

Event InformationBeing able to view the event information and agenda is a very useful feature provided by Live2Event, because it allows for better overall engagement for the attendees and the organizers all around. In the long run, because everyone is up to speed on what the event is about and what is taking place, as well as having all the useful and important information on hand for easy viewing, it makes the event organization a much smoother process, thereby producing a better overall event experience for everyone involved.

Live2Event makes it easy for event organizers to key in important information for the event attendees to refer to, such as where the event is located and directions about how to get to the event.