Download Your Event Materials Online with Live2Event

There is an interactive Q&A platform in Singapore that is revolutionizing the way events and conferences are organized. Do you remember when executing an event was such a monumental task? Requiring the effort of several people or more just to ensure everything goes according to plan.

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Those days have now become a thing of the past, thanks to the best event management tool in the world – Live2Event. A revolutionary web based platform which enables seamless interaction between both the organizers and the audience, Live2Event facilitates event in the most hassle free and convenient manner imaginable. In other words, if you are an event organizer, you’re going to want to have this toll in your back pocket. After all, how else are you going to be able to interact and communicate with your event participants so effortlessly?

Combining modern convenience and connectivity all in one, Live2Event has forever changed the way events and conference are conducted. In fact, event planning is now an evolving world, rapidly changing to adapt to the new formats that have come on board thanks to modern technology.

This time, event planning is going digital. And best of all, Live2Event is so easy to use that you can do everything you need to do just in one app alone. Plan events, view newsfeed, build agendas, create surveys, build floorplans and more, all in one handy, easy to use Live2Event platform.

Materials are readily available online

The digital age is here to stay, and Live2Event is a big advocate of going digital because of how convenient it makes everything. Hosting an event with Live2Events means your event organizing sessions just got a whole lot easier. Better customer engagement is now a reality thanks to Live2Events, because organizers are now able to keep participants updated with any changes that may have taken place, even if it is at the last minute so nobody is left out of the loop.

With Live2Event, the materials for each event session are readily available online, and attendees have the option of downloading the online slides for the event presentation if they wanted to. This means that event and conference organizers no longer have to spend time, money and waste valuable paper resources on printing materials for each and every attendee of the conference.

Live2Event is the only way to save money while planning events and conferences with ease. Good event planning and management begins with an even better web platform. Start improving your customer experience and streamline your event by keeping your participants up to speed by providing access to the conference materials online to be accessed from anywhere they may be. No wonder it is the best event management tool in the world.