Have you participated in an event or conference and wished that you could post a comment before a question was going to be answered by the presenter? You no longer need to keep wishing, because with Live2Event, leaving comments is now possible as an audience member in an attempt to encourage more interactive sessions at an event.

Organizers of events and conferences that use Live2Event also stand to gain from this feature, as they will now be able to allow their audiences to post a comment on an already answered question, and only the organizer will be able to see whether the audience is satisfied or happy with the answers provided based on the different feedback and comments received.

CommentGreat audience participation and engagement begins when the audience feels like they are being made an active member of the session, and that their opinions and feedback matter. Allowing a free flow of feedback and comments will allow the organizers to be able to better understand their audience members, and audience in turn gets to engage more and feel like they are actively involved in the conference sessions which are being organized.

Events and conferences are not organized like never before, encouraging more connection and engagement between everyone who is present, all thanks to the incredible features which are offered by Live2Event.

Seamless Interactions Between Organizers and Participants

Live2Event has quickly risen to become Singapore’s best interactive Q&A platform, thanks to its web platform which enables seamless interactions between the organizers and the participants of a session. Live2Event has revolutionized and transformed the way events and conferences are being held, because it is such a simple and interactive web conference tool that is able to perform a myriad of functions in addition to letting you- the organizers- organize and communicate with the event participants effortlessly.

Live2Event is one platform for all events, and you will never have to create new platforms for each event ever again. You can create, host and manage your event planning all within the convenience of one simple to use platform. That is the power of Live2Event. View your newsfeed, build your agendas, create your surveys, upload floorplans and now, leave comments or feedback on questions and more, all in one seamless and easy to use application.

Better customer engagement is now right at your doorstep, made possible like never before, and companies are just waiting to reap the benefits that it has to offer. Come experience the power of the best interactive Q&A platform in Singapore, and change the way you organize event and conferences forever.