Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

The power of social media can’t be argued with. Social media has proven to be a powerful tool, especially for businesses to gain exposure and build a presence in the minds of their target audience in a faster amount of time than conventional marketing methods could do.

If your company is planning to host an event, social media is one of the tools you want to turn to when it comes to increasing awareness and building an engagement with your audience following before the event takes place. In other words, social media is one of the best platforms you could use to promote your event.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your EventTestimonial Videos & Visuals – If you’ve got excellent reviews from previous clients before, you’ll want to use this to your advantage by creating a video testimonial, or a couple of social media graphics with words and phrases that really stand out. Apply these into your email marketing campaign, email signatures and blog posts. Videos especially, have proven to be very effective because it is very effective when it comes to showcasing how a client really feels.
  • Only Use One Hashtag – Your hashtags on social media should appear in all your digital marketing material. Why? Because it makes it easier for your potential event attendees to find you using that hashtag. Avoid creating multiple hashtags and only use one simple yet straightforward hashtag that is easy to remember and still speaks volumes about your event.
  • Use Pictures of Your Speakers – Using pictures of the speakers who will be present on the day of the event is a great way prompt your audience to take action, especially if the speaker is someone they can relate to or are interested in. Go the extra mile and include a quote from the speaker in the image that you are sharing across your social media platforms. It makes and leaves a better impression with the audience. Plus, your speakers will be thrilled to get the extra exposure.
  • Go Behind the Scenes – Nothing builds up excitement more than seeing live, behind-the-scenes footage of what is going on prior to the event. Give your audience a quick sneak peek into the excitement that goes on before the event takes place, sharing content that can’t be found on any other social media platform except yours.
  • Make a Facebook Page for the Event – It makes it easier for your attendees if they can find all the information they need in one easy and convenient location. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action prompt encouraging your target audience to RSVP soon and not miss out on the exciting things your event has to offer.
  • Take Advantage of Facebook Ads – Facebook ads are the best affordable marketing tools you have at your disposal. Facebook ads increase your chances of getting noticed and it is an effective strategy because it is so affordable and because of the wide reach it offers.

Take your event promotion to the next level by leveraging on the best and most accessible tool available to you – social media.