Event Planners and What to Look for Before Hiring One

There are tonnes of event planners around, but getting the right one is the difficult task. Before you part with your hard earned money, take time to source to make sure you get the best in the business. However, before you employ an event planner, you have to first identify the objective of your event and also the budget you are working on. Also, you must determine whether you really require the services of an event planner at all.

Firstly, you must determine the reason you are holding the event in the first place. Once you have determined this, it will be easy to narrow down what is the theme and message you are hoping to convey by organising your event in the first place. You need to also determine what activities and services you need the planner to handle.The next most important thing is of course the budget you are looking at.

Meeting Requirements

Event planners and what to look for before hiring one

Once you have set all this, then together you can decide on the venue, the menu, invitations and the entertainment for the event. In trying to get the best event planner, it is always good to do plenty of research on whose the most suited for what you want. Relying on word of mouth alone will not suffice. The best in the market may not necessarily be the person you want. What you need is the person who is best able to meet the needs you require for your event.

Once you narrow down your candidates, provide them with a brief of your requirements and once you interview them, begin narrowing down the list to the three strongest. Spend time asking them plenty of questions, especially on their contingency plans if anything were to go wrong. Good planners will walk you through a discussion to learn about your event’s overall objectives, timeline, budget, guest count, and personal preferences. Face to face meetings are the best and will give you the insight you need. Choose a candidate who not only has a great track record for producing quality events, but also one who gets along with your team. Be sure to ask for names of clients the candidates have worked with previously and also look into each planner’s history to find events he or she may not have mentioned.

Choosing a Suitable Event Planner

Once you’ve verified that a candidate is suitable with your company, demonstrates expertise in the field, and has a pretty good understanding of the event you want to produce with him or her, it’s time to narrow down your selection to one.At this point, the event planner should present you with ideas that will make you feel like they’ve taken your budget and doubled its value. It should be apparent in the way they pitch their vision for your event. An ideal candidate will take what budget you present them and turn it into something magical, but those ideas will come at a price, and it’s important for you to ask the planner to disclose all of his or her costs upfront. Event planner fees will vary from planner to planner or event company to event company.

Depending on the nature of your event, you will be asked to provide deposits, paperwork, and contracts to the event planner and the event venues and services they offer. It is an entirely acceptable way of handling business, but the best advice at this point is to seek professional advice and never sign a contract that hasn’t been reviewed by your own legal counsel. You, as a hiring manager should work closely with the planner or producer to ensure that every element of the production goes off without a hitch. Make sure venues and suppliers are ready for the event and ensure payments have been made to each vendor before and after. If everything goes as planned, you’ll have a successful event and an excellent event planner resource for the future.

While it’s reasonable to be patient and work through logistics and any potential misunderstandings along the way, if you’re not receiving the services you want then you should be ready to have some serious discussions. If you must, be ready to fire a bad planner and have a backup option at all times.